Become an escort driver

Become escort driver

Quality Escort is a Escort Service in the region of Amsterdam and supply's on daily basis, clients with the finest escort girls with great discretion. Our escort agency is upon many times super busy and is looking for new escort drivers at the age of 21 and above, who are willing to work as a escort driver. With a driver we are looking for people who have prefferable, a in good condition car that runs either on diesel or LPG / gasoline and who can work on flexible hours. The job description is driving escort girls in many city's in Holland. This prefferable 

Making money as a escort driver
An escort driver does not recieve a normal salaris but gets paid per booking. If this is for Escortservice in Amsterdam or one of the various other city's we provide, there is always a minimum fee for the driver who's job is to pickup, deliver escort girls and wait nearby the clients adress which is common. The time you wait will not be unpaid; for extension in between a girl and client there's always an extra hour rate. In a personal application we will inform you what these rates and minimums are. We require you to bring your own car, phone and make sure to pay for your own food / gasoline.

Find work as a escort driver
We are looking for people who are not independent of just this job alone, but those who would like to make some extra money. We can never offer you a fulltime job as a escort driver since some days are more busyer compared to other days. Because we want to make your time furfilled, we can only offer a few days in the week becoming an escort driver in the area of Amsterdam, Noord-Holland. Mainly at night basis and plenty of clients and girls to visit. We require people who know how to handle certain situations and work on de escalation basis and not with a fist fight.

For more info please contact us by email on [email protected]On by phone on the number +31(0)6-11387899. The best time for an application is in between 16:00 and 18:00. We do not deliver you a car, fueling and / or a phone.

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